Top 3 lockdown party ideas

Due to the current covid-19 global pandemic there will millions of us who will be celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries and hitting life milestones whilst in lockdown. It seems that these special days are just another day but there are other ways to celebrate at home.

With the power of technology and a bit of creativity you are still able to throw a party whilst self-isolating. We’ve listed our top 3 favourite lockdown party ideas.

1. Cocktail masterclass – with all the bars closed you may be missing your favourite cocktail. Well what better time to give yourself a cocktail fix whilst learning a new skill. Professional mixologists have been sharing their techniques online, so choose a video and watch along together as you learn how to make your favourite cocktails.

2. Zoom dinner party – we have all been quick in finding online replacements for our usual social fix and zoom dinner parties are now ridiculously popular. Cook the same meal as your ‘guests’, get dolled up and arrange a time to eat it together.

3. Virtual day trip – hundreds of the world’s best zoos, museums and famous landmarks are offering free virtual tours while in lockdown. Is there a place you have always wanted to visit or a trip you’ve always wanted to take? Well now you can in the comfort of your own home.