Five Halloween 2020 Ideas for Kids

With COVID restrictions tightening up again and considering the safety precautions we all need to be taking this year, it looks like Halloween will have to be celebrated a bit differently. Kids love getting dressed up to go around collecting sweets or going to Halloween parties with their friends but Halloween 2020 just won’t allow for this. A few ideas to help kids still get to have some fun and enjoy the holiday are:

1. Zoom Costume Contest- arrange for your children’s group of child’s friends to get together online and have a fancy-dress competition. You can even have different categories like most scary, funniest, most clever, most realistic and best make-up.

2. Have a socially-distanced ‘freeze dance’- if there is a large outdoor area near you, maybe have a ‘freeze dance’ where everyone can be spread out and have to freeze when the music stops, whoever moves is out. The last two standing can even have a free-style dance off.

3. Zoom Dance Party- your club or child’s classmates could do a zoom dance party so everyone can show off their costumes and have a great time.

4. Decorate your house- even though people may not go around collecting sweets in your area, some may still go for a stroll to enjoy the Halloween decorations.

5. Carve a pumpkin, or two- typically having a pumpkin combined with leaving an outdoor light on means you are handing out sweets, however this year people may just want to go for a ‘pumpkin walk’ to spot how many pumpkins they can find.