Planning an Event

Events are always a great way to bring people together and share ideas. It is important to plan well in advance and ensure that you have all the materials for the event. This includes entertainment, food, and decor.

You can hire a professional event planner or organise it yourself. There are many ways to find an event planner, including referrals from friends or family members, online searches, word of mouth etc.

When organising an event, the most important thing is to consider what kind of theme you want your party to have – whether it is formal or informal, etc. The party’s theme can set the tone and atmosphere you want your guests to experience. For example, a formal event such as a wedding may be more about honouring tradition with a classic wedding theme. In contrast, an informal event such as a birthday party may be more about having fun with friends,

Event Security

Event security isn’t just for big concerts and festivals. It is there to keep all your guests safe at any event.  A good security team not only keeps your guests safe but all prevents damage to your venue, which will keep costs down. 

It’s recommended that you have one security guard for every ten guests, but this also depends on the type of event.  Business events are less prone to emotional outbursts than a sporting event or music concert. 

The type of security you hire is also essential.  Some events will need entrance guards who check people’s bags on arrival for weapons and alcohol are different from those just there to keep an eye on guests. In contrast, some events may need specialists security forces, dependant on the event and if uninvited guests are likely to attend.

It is vital to consider security at any event you may be hosting, whether it has 1000 plus guests or just 20.

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Bring staff together with summer barbecues

A summer barbecue is a fantastic way to help you bring your employees closer together.

With spring coming soon and then the even hotter months to follow, now is the perfect time to look ahead and start planning a summer barbecue early. Is there an area at your workplace where you can hold a barbecue for all staff members or will you need to hire a venue for the event? Either way, getting the location arranged first is the best place to start. You should then consider contacting local butchers who may be able to supply real quality meat that your employees and their families will love. The warmer months often feel happier here in the UK and that’s why it presents the perfect opportunity to reward your employees, whilst giving them some down time to get to know each other on a more personal level, which is great for team bonding.

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Planning a corporate team building event

Teamwork is extremely important in the workplace as it helps improve workers’ confidence, helps them enjoy working with their co-workers and boosts the overall morale of the group.

There are ways that you can bring your team together outside of the office environment. A corporate fun day is an area pack full of fun activity stations for workers to go around and have a bit of fun, these event can include:

  • Giant Slides
  • Velcro penalty shootout
  • Climbing wall
  • Archery
  • Bungee runs
  • Lawn croquet
  • Giant outdoor games & puzzles

Other ways to bring a team closer together is with an activity day, creating a task or puzzle that requires teamwork to solve. This type of team building helps encourage workers to use their skills and support each other through their problem solving. Skills that can be developed through a problem solving activity day is time management, planning, motivation, organisation, decision making, communication, teamwork, leadership, relationship building and so much more.

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How important is music to an end of year work party?

With the cold weather now creeping up on us, we’re well beyond the halfway point of 2017 and more companies are looking to their winter parties. Planning starts now, and one of the most important aspects in our eyes is the music. Without music that your employees can relate to, you can have an evening that leaves people twitching in their chairs rather than enjoying themselves on the dance floor. If you take the time to ask for their song requests, you can create a list that your employees love.

Karaoke is another great option which can get people involved, but this will, of course, depend on the type of people who work for you. That said, you should always spend time planning the music, as it’s certainly one of the most important aspects to a fun work do. Why not hand out a sheet asking for their song requests now, and you can then tick this box for your Christmas work part already.

Planning a work party: Can you really please everyone?

Though the next work party may not be the most important task on the list for hectic companies, one senior member of staff is often handed the burden and there are certain things you should know if you ever get asked to plan and execute a successful work do.

If you’re planning the Christmas work party for example, there may be a lot of pressure on you, especially if your organisation has over 50 employees. Some say you can’t please everyone all the time, and they may well be right. There will of course be people who don’t like your idea, find it boring or disapprove of the venue. Everyone has their own opinion, but to create a work party that lives long in the memory, you have to think about all of your employees and not just a select few.

Look around the room when you’re next in the office. Are they shy, outgoing, bubbly or wild? Think about their personalities try to visualise them in different situations, such as a 70s disco, a bowling night, dog racing, fancy restaurant or casino. You should also get feedback when you’re planning the event and run ideas past them. If it’s supposed to be a surprise you should try do this subtly, but the more ideas you have from the team, the better placed you’ll be create a successful work event.

Depending on the budget you’re given, you may want to bring another member of the team on board, so you can share the burden and each contact different suppliers to get the best prices. Managing a work party on your own is a big task so a bit of help will go a long way. In most cases, it’s best to keep the event local as you’ll more likely have higher turnout numbers, whilst you’re often able to get cheaper prices if you know local suppliers.