Hen Parties: Why more brides to be are going abroad

Back in the day, your typical hen party was a night out in your local town centre, or the pub around the corner from your house. Nowadays it is a completely different story. Girls flock to beach locations like Benidorm, Magaluf or Malia for big nights out, while some will choose a trendy city like Berlin, Prague or Paris. Cheaper flights and trains have led more girls to choose to head abroad for their hen parties, and you may be surprised at how cheap three nights out in a different country can be, especially when you’re staying in budget accommodation.

The big part of a hen party is, of course, the night out, so cheaper accommodation, such as in a 2-star hotel, can be fine for the job but of course, if you wanted something more peaceful and relaxing there are many luxury resorts to choose from across the globe.