How important is music to an end of year work party?

With the cold weather now creeping up on us, we’re well beyond the halfway point of 2017 and more companies are looking to their winter parties. Planning starts now, and one of the most important aspects in our eyes is the music. Without music that your employees can relate to, you can have an evening that leaves people twitching in their chairs rather than enjoying themselves on the dance floor. If you take the time to ask for their song requests, you can create a list that your employees love.

Karaoke is another great option which can get people involved, but this will, of course, depend on the type of people who work for you. That said, you should always spend time planning the music, as it’s certainly one of the most important aspects to a fun work do. Why not hand out a sheet asking for their song requests now, and you can then tick this box for your Christmas work part already.