‘Sweet 16’ birthdays in the UK

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘sweet 16’ but it’s not often mentioned in the UK unless you’re watching an American high school movie! That said, a teen’s 16th birthday is a big deal, and there are lots of ways to celebrate it in style. Most 16-year-olds opt for a disco or party and hire out a venue such as a bar or a club on a weekend. Others choose to have a meal with their friends, whilst there are some 16-year-olds who head to music gigs specifically aimed at under-18s. All of these are good options but parents should have caution with all of them. There are temptations to drink alcohol even at that age, and while the bar workers will not serve it to minors, perhaps a friend of a friend who is of age, is willing to buy it from a shop, so you do need to keep your wits about you as a parent. And don’t believe the term ‘sweet 16’.